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We’re the first cannabis brand to incorporate vitamin E testing into our extensive research and development.



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At MAE, we greatly prioritize your health and well-being and want you to be able to enjoy the cleanest vaping experience on the market, with your mind at ease. To do this, we go well beyond government-set safety standards by implementing our own extensive research process, including being the first brand to incorporate vitamin E testing into our development. We use cannabis native terpenes as diluent (in place of oil-based cutters) and we invite our users to scan the QRC code on our boxes to gain access to our testing results and see exactly what goes into making MAE.
MAE, an acronym for Mind At Ease, is a luxury brand centered on design. Our vaping pens are understated yet beautiful.Our flavor is refined and refreshing.  And our scent provides a truly incognito cannabis experience.  With a low THC profile and an emphasis on sleekness and simplicity, we offer a modern product with a timeless approach.
In collaboration with our friends at The Werc Shop we have built a proprietary flavor unlike anything offered in the market, with a delightfully delicious taste and zero cannabis odor.
We strongly believe vaping is the future due to its more calculated dosages and easier accessibility. And by incorporating the discreteness of MAE’s design, we give our users the added luxury to indulge nearly anywhere, at anytime.



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